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Consumer Reports: WOW, Verizon FiOS Tops at Triple Play
Though Verizon Billing Still Leaves Something to be Desired
by Karl Bode 12:35PM Wednesday May 09 2012
According to a new largely paywalled study by Consumer Reports, WideOpenWest (WOW) and Verizon were ranked the best providers of phone, voice and data triple play services. On a 100 scale, Consumer Reports gave WOW a score of 81 and Verizon FiOS a score of 77, followed by Bright House Networks (74), AT&T U-Verse (72), Cox Communications (71), Cablevision (69), Time Warner Cable (67), Comcast (65) and Charter Communications (63). Of interesting note, while FiOS scored high in terms of broadband speed and picture quality, the carrier took a hit for having "more complaints than most" when it comes to sloppy billing practices -- which is something we've noted for about as long as FiOS has been offered.