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Consumer Reports Won't Recommend iPhone 4 Because Of Antenna
Though they do recommend a little duct tape
by Karl Bode 01:40PM Monday Jul 12 2010 Tipped by openbox9 See Profile
After first insisting the iPhone 4's antenna problems weren't serious, Consumer Reports has completed testing of the iPhone 4 and won't be recommending it to users. While the site lauds the phone for having a great video camera and screen -- their engineers confirmed that nasty attenuation issue that results in dropped signal strength simply by holding the device. The Consumer Reports testing (see video) confirms other recent tests by Anandtech, showing how users in average to poor cell coverage locations are the ones being bitten by the design flaw Apple seems content to pretend doesn't exist. The good news? Consumer Reports notes that the design flaw can be helped with just a little duct tape.

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Yo Soy Col. "Bat" Guano
Philly burbs

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reply to CosmicDebri

Re: Star Wars reference

I felt a great disturbance in the Force Duct Tape... as if millions of voices iPhone 4's suddenly cried out in terror dropped bars and suddenly silenced dropped a call.
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Still looking for intelligent life

Port Saint Lucie, FL

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Duct Tape is like The Force...

It has a Light side and a Dark side, and it holds the Universe together....

And the Apple fanatics can get their Duct Tape in designer colors to match their phone or mood!
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