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Convicted Romanian hacker is hot commodity in Italy
by amysheehan 02:42PM Monday Mar 02 2009
Companies, authorities fawn over informatics whiz
By Dan Goodin in San Francisco for The Register
2nd March 2009

Software companies and government officials in Italy are falling over themselves to recruit a 22-year-old hacker serving a three-year prison sentence for electronic fraud.

Gabriel Bogdan Ionescu, who is incarcerated at the Bassone Penitentiary in Como in northern Italy, has already been admitted to that country's prestigious Polytechnic University of Milano, thanks to help from Italian authorities. Now a security company called Way-Log has offered him a part-time job, according to news reports.

It seems that interest in the convicted hacker was stoked by his impressive performance since taking the university's admission exam in October. He finished the test in a record one hour and 20 minutes and received the highest score in the history of the faculty. More recently, Ionescu received maximum scores on two student exams.

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He's good but not the best...

From the link:
"He's not just the best in his generation," fawned one of his professors. "He's probably the best on the planet."
The truth is at most he's just the best that they've caught.
Toss in his warped sense of personal values & they've got themselves a real winner loser
Even at 22yrs old, I doubt his ability to go & then stay straight.
I can only imagine the message this is sending to the up & coming wannabe's.