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Copyright Trolls Still Arguing Open Hotspots are Negligence
Porn Producer Insists Unsecured Wi-Fi is Criminal
by Karl Bode 06:20PM Monday Oct 01 2012
Copyright trolls are still trying to sue users for negligence if they leave their Wi-Fi hotspot open despite two recent court rulings shooting down such efforts. In such instances, copyright holders have struggled to use an IP address as undeniable guilt of piracy, so they're going after the users for having open hotspots -- which obviously isn't against the law.

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Techdirt points out that despite the unsound legal footing, some lawyers working for a porn company (Sunlust Pictures) are still trying this approach. From a recent complaint from Sunlust Pictures in a case against a man named Andrew Burdziak:
Defendant had a duty to secure his Internet connection. Defendant breached that duty by failing to secure his Internet connection. Reasonable Internet users take steps to secure their Internet access accounts preventing the use of such accounts for an illegal purpose. Defendant’s failure to secure his Internet access account, thereby allowing for its illegal use, constitutes a breach of the ordinary care that a reasonable Internet account holder would do under like circumstances.
As we've seen with other copyright trolls (like Righthaven or U.S. Copyright Group) it takes several years and a sledgehammer before they give up on legally unsound tactics to extort cash from alleged copyright violators.

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