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Cox 1Ghz Upgrades, 25Mbps Speeds
70% of network already upgraded...
by Karl Bode 08:37AM Wednesday Nov 14 2007 Tipped by cypherstream See Profile
OneTrak notes that Cox is upgrading its network to 1Ghz equipment across its entire customer base. The upgrade (and this is even before we get into DOCSIS 3.0) will allow the cable provider to increase standard definition channels from 100 to 200+ and HD channels from 8 to 100+. It will also allow the provider to offer tiers of 25Mbps/4Mbps for relatively little dough:
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Chris Bowick, Cox’s senior vice president of engineering and chief technology officer, said the ambitious plans was aimed at moving Cox into the 2010 service world, a place that will require far more bandwidth and diversity of content. . . Starting in the last mile, bigger bandwidth is in the offing by cutting down on the size of nodes serving individual homes and boosting the overall plant capacity to 1 Gigahertz. At present Cox’s node size is about 620 homes offering between 750 and 860 Megahertz of total bandwidth. Cox’s plan is to move its plant nationwide to 1 Gigahertz capacity – the first major MSO to take that step – and cut node size down to 310 homes initially. Eventually, the node size will reach a maximum 250 homes, Bowick said.
Cox says they've already upgraded 70% of their market to 1Ghz gear. 50-60% of cable operators are currently running networks with gear at 750Mhz or less. Because Cox is now private, it can upgrade bandwidth as it sees fit, without worrying about whining investors (see Sprint Xohm, Verizon FiOS).

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