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Cox Cap Enforcement Remains Inconsistent
As Metered Billing Potentially Looms on Horizon
by Karl Bode 10:49AM Thursday Mar 22 2012 Tipped by Rob_ See Profile
A few years ago Cox Communications clarified that the company imposes what they call "soft" usage caps, which may or may not be enforced depending on the market. Each market is broken down here, with the caps varying depending on where you live and what the local network can handle. This Georgia resident in our forums for example had his account temporarily suspended for using more than 200 GB, while users in other markets who consume more never receive even a warning.

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Just about a year ago Cox launched their usage meter in Florida, telling us it would launch everywhere "very soon." Cox has since continued a staggered deployment to numerous markets, and reader Rob_ See Profile notes the company continues to put a lot of effort into the design of the system, recently revamping it with a new usage graphic (see right).

This constant refinements may or may not indicate an interest on the part of Cox to start implementing metered billing sometime down the line (we've asked, but haven't heard back yet). Despite so many ISPs eager to explore caps and metered billing, few if any have been able to get usage and billing systems up and running correctly.

Cox appears to be no exception, with measuring, enforcement and support of their 200 GB cap remaining somewhat inconsistent. "I called the number (listed at the bottom of Cox's usage meter) and the rep who I talked to said Cox has no caps on usage and I should ignore it," says one user.

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