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Cox Gives Irene Credits, Comcast Not So Much
Comcast: Sorry, Storm Was an 'Act of God'
by Karl Bode 08:51AM Tuesday Sep 06 2011
Cox Communications says that the company will be crediting users who lost service due to Hurricane Irene. To get the credit, users should visit the Cox Communications support website, click “send an e-mail to cox.com" and advise the company how long they were out of service. Cox is also conducting a "random acts of kindness" effort on Facebook that involves giving donation gifts to certain users impacted by the storm. The company also acted quickly to provide free kiosk Internet and phone service to non-Cox customers impacted by the storm. Comcast, in contrast, is telling users they won't be getting storm credits since Irene was an "act of God." Comcast gave us this statement saying this wasn't entirely true:
"In most cases, for customers who did not have cable service, it was a direct result of a commercial power outage. In a small number of cases, customers might not have had cable service even after power was restored due to more extensive damage caused by fallen trees, poles and/or flooding. In these cases, we will work directly with customers to issue credits on a case by case basis."

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