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Cox Promises 1 Gbps Service in All Markets -- Years From Now
by Karl Bode 06:54PM Thursday May 22 2014 Tipped by jchambers28 See Profile
Last month Cox Communications announced that the company would be launching 1 Gbps service of their own sometime this year, though they failed to offer any meaningful specifics about where or when. Cox today provided a little more detail in an announcement, stating that the company's deployment of 1 Gbps service will start start with new residential construction projects and new and existing neighborhoods in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Omaha. More specific detail on deployment timelines and pricing is murky at best.

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"Starting today, we will begin deploying new technology and infrastructure that will give customers the choice of gigabit speeds in all markets we serve," insists Cox Communications President Pat Esser.

Like AT&T, CenturyLink and other ISPs, Cox appears to be responding to Google Fiber by first hitting a few higher-end developments and pretending it's a bigger deployment than it actually is. Cox insists they'll eventually deliver 1 Gbps to all of their users, though if you read the press release carefully you'll see Cox notes that the company "will begin market-wide deployment of gigabit speeds by the end of 2016."

Google's entry into an uncompetitive broadband market has resulted in a phenomenon I affectionately refer to as "fiber to the press release." Such deployment announcements are notable for their total lack of hard details on deployment specifics -- especially pricing. It's a nice way to get significant coverage from an unskeptical tech press for being a cutting edge competitive ISP, without the pesky expense or elbow grease involved in actually being a cutting edge competitive ISP.

Cox's effort is a little more specific than some similar announcements in that they're actually promising 1 Gbps to everyone, even if what they're technically announcing today are plans to begin to offer a product two and a half years from now. Cox will have their work cut out upgrading older gear in order to meet that promise (especially on the upstream), and we'll of course keep you updated on whether they're following through.

Update: Just as an example of how effective "fiber to the press release" can be, note how this Associated Press report (which will be repeated in every paper in the nation) insists every Cox customer will have 1 Gbps service by the end of 2016.

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