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Here's the Schedule for Cox's Latest Speed Upgrades
by Karl Bode 04:37PM Tuesday Sep 02 2014
Back in May Cox Communications tried to jump on the 1 Gbps excitement bandwagon by announcing they would offer 1 Gbps service to all users -- in a few years or more. As part of that announcement Cox announced something more immediate: a bump in Preferred & Premier tier speeds to 50Mbs & 100Mbs respectively. Those upgrades started back in July on a market by market basis, with parts of Nebraska, Arizona, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Nevada already seeing the bump.

An assumed insider posting to our forums offers up what appears to be a leaked schedule of looming upgrades for other markets. If the schedule is accurate, users in New Orleans, parts of Virginia, and Pensacola can look forward to upgrades in September, with Cleveland, Connecticut, Rhode Island and additional chunks of California slated for October. The purported schedule:
Roanoke 9/3/2014
** Northern Virginia 9/9/2014
New Orleans 9/23/2014
Greater Louisiana 9/24/2014
** Gainesville/Pensacola/Ocala 9/25/2014
Other Gulf Coast 9/25/2014
Middle Georgia (Macon) 9/25/2014
** Hampton Roads September 30 - October 1
Cleveland 10/14/2014
Connecticut 10/14/2014
Rhode Island 10/14/2014
San Diego 10/21/2014
Santa Barbara 10/21/2014
Orange County 10/28/2014
Palos Verdes 10/28/2014
Cox has not yet responded for a request for comment.

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Warner Robins, GA

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Cox Speed Upgrade Schedule Leaked.

It would be nice if companies like Cox would just publish the information. Cox has this notice of double speeds coming soon on the Georgia section of their website, but no other information. Why bother if you are not going to provide any useful information?
That is one thing I like about most municipal fiber projects, they are more transparent about things like the deployment of speed upgrades and geographic expansion.
·Cox HSI
·KCH Cable

At least they're working on it

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by ~25 to ~50Mbps upgrade in my area.

They're probably not saying much about the specifics because they don't have every detail on every little bit of the work being done to make it happen in every last location. I don't blame them for being a little bit coy about their exact details.

Bill Van

Norfolk, VA

Cox Upgrade Letter

I recently received a letter from Cox telling me my speed will be boosted Oct. 1st 33%, 75 Mbps to 100 Mbps. I worked out a deal recently with their "Loyalty Dept" that locked me in my second year for the same price as the first year: $60.73/m which does include taxes and fees. My fees were supposed to increase $13 for the second year. Although I am rated at 75 Mbps I have always averaged a little over 90Mbps according to speedtest.net. Of note: In the letter I was offered 150Mbps for 79.99/m. No thank you.....

Rapid City, SD

Re: Cox Upgrade Letter

I might have jumped on that deal. I'm paying $80 for 30Mbps. That of course is much higher when you add in the TV and phone.

Bill Van

Norfolk, VA

Re: Cox Upgrade Letter

$80 for 30Mbps sounds totally absurd. Call your cables, and I stress, "Retention Dept" to get a much better deal. And I can't stress enough the value these days of having a DOCSIS 3 modem. I live in Virginia with the best rated internet in the country and after Oct 1st I will report on DSL Reports my actual RT speeds in an appropriates article......Goo luck and call Retention!!

Matt G


RI Speed Upgrade now Mid-September (month earlier)

Cox.com RI market shows speed doubling coming soon. Per online chat was told today that mid-September (not OCTOBER as originally listed) is the target upgrade time.

Pawtucket, RI

Nothing in RI yet...

They have been running TV ADs, but speedtest.net still shows the same speed. They did change the www.cox.com/internet page to actually use a version of Ookla SpeedTest in order "to get ready" for the speed increase, making sure you have a Docis 3 modem etc.

I pay for the 50 tier, and the speedtest for the past few months usually shows up between 50-69 MB/s which isn't bad.



Re: Nothing in RI yet...

San diego reporting in at more than double my quoted speed

San Diego, CA

Confirming yesterday's upgrade

I did see the speed upgrade on my "Preferred" service, here in San Diego yesterday - it did require a modem reboot, however.