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Cox Sued By Verizon For Patent Infringement
That win against Vonage may have gone to their heads
by KathrynV 10:22AM Saturday Jan 19 2008
Cox Communications is facing a patent infringement lawsuit by Verizon which claims that the cable company has violated eight of their VoIP technology patents. Four of those patents are the same ones which were being used by Vonage until Verizon won $120 million in a similar lawsuit against the company. Some fear that the win could have set a trend for Verizon to continue going after other companies all throughout the year. The industry is unsure as to why Cox is the sole focus of this particular lawsuit since the same technology is being used by other cable operators.

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Bryn Mawr, PA
·Verizon FiOS

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Let's get this straight...

Most of the patents these clowns have come straight out of The VOIP Cookbook written by Jeff Pulver. Most of the patents were filed years AFTER the publication of said book, with just enough of a subtle variation added to allow patentibility. Get it? THEY PLAGERIZED AND STOLE the ideas and patented them, so even Pulver's start up company (Vonage) got sued by Verizon-who stole the ideas from Pulver! It's bad enough that they RIPPED JEFF OFF, but then they rub salt in the wounds by suing his start up with his/its OWN STOLEN STUFF???!!! And then a jury filled with idiots insist that Vonage PAY Verizon because Verizon STOLE THEIR IDEAS!! Jeff deliberately did NOT patent the stuff because he wanted it in the public domain. This is the BEST example out there of why patent reform is needed. It ISN'T the inventor who makes out any more...it's the one with the deepest pockets and most lawyers. THIS is why the USA is getting pummelled technology wise by the rest of the world-we are a bunch of thieves and bullies, as opposed to innovators and creators.