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Cox Sued Over Set Top Box Rental Fee
By Arizona Supreme Court judge Who Believes it's a Rip Off
by Karl Bode 08:28AM Friday Oct 26 2012 Tipped by telcodad See Profile
A former Arizona Supreme Court judge is spearheading a new lawsuit against Cox Communications, accusing the company of violating federal law with their $7 set top box rental fee. According to the Arizona Daily Star, Stanley Feldman is requesting that the District Court in Tucson ban Cox's practice of charging premium customers the box rental fee, arguing that there's no solid reason why the company doesn't allow customers to buy their set top boxes instead of taking a financial bath through rentals. The case started as a nationwide class-action lawsuit against Cox, but was rejected by an Oklahoma Judge that suggested plaintiffs file suit in their home states. Cox refuses to respond to the lawsuit, only stating that the company's business practices "are straightforward, fair and in full compliance with applicable state and federal regulations."

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