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Cox Trims Staff After Wireless Plans Die
100 Engineers, Product Managers and Designers Let Go
by Karl Bode 08:51AM Monday Feb 06 2012
Last October Cox Communications scrapped their entire wireless ambitions. Those plans started with them planning a new LTE network, which ultimately de-volved into another Sprint MVNO before being discarded entirely. Like other cable operators Cox then recently offloaded their spectrum holdings to Verizon, and is poised to join Comcast in re-selling bundled Verizon LTE services. Not too surprisingly, Cox is now shedding a lot of the hires acquired during their brief wireless effort, laying off roughly 100 engineers, product development managers and infrastructure designers tied to the wireless unit. Cox, which has roughly 60,000 employees, did not sell their 700 MHz spectrum licenses to Verizon.

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Reptiles Are Cuddly And Pretty
Mount Airy, MD

This Sucks

Too bad for those who lost their jobs... it would have been nice to have another wireless competitor.
"Net Neutrality" zealots - the people you can thank for your capped Internet service.

Tavistock NJ

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When will Cox sell the 700 MHz spectrum?

Cox did not sell their 700 MHz spectrum licenses to Verizon.

Makes you wonder when & to who they will eventually sell this spectrum. Probably holding on to it until they need the money to offset a bad quarterly result or need money for an acquisition.
My views are my own.

Re: When will Cox sell the 700 MHz spectrum?

This is one of those times where I feel that since they no longer have a need, use, or purpose for that spectrum they should be required to sell it to another interested party, or sell it back to the government so that the spectrum can be used by another interested party to serve the public needs. But I'm with you, I"m sure it will be held until they need the money or they need to offset a bad quarter.