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Cox's CEO on Cable, Phones, and Deals
by needforspeed59 04:18PM Thursday Jun 06 2002 has this story.

Jim Robbins says his outfit is primed to bash the Baby Bells at their own game, but "we'll be a disciplined buyer" when it comes to mergers


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Cruise Ship Just Passing Through

La Place, LA

Guess No One Reads the News!

I thought this was a pretty good story. I'm surprised no one is commenting. Cox is the 12th largest phone company! I wish it was in my neighborhood. I pay Qworst a small fortune each month for static on my lines!
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San Clemente, CA

Re: Guess No One Reads the News!

I've got Cox telephone and I love it. Absolutely NO problems at all.

p.s. this forum doesn't seem to do much posting or talking about the news.
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Mission Viejo, CA

cox telephone isn't so great

I've been kinda disappointed with cox telephone service.

First of all, it took me a month to get my old number switched over properly!! It was such a pain in the butt!
What happened was, people from all over could reach me, but if you were calling me from Irvine, you would get a "number disconnected" message! It was very hard to get this fixed because pac bell kept saying i'm not a customer, and then cox kept saying its not their systems!

Finally what I did was pretend to be my coworker (with his permission) and said I was a pac bell customer who couldn't reach a friend (which was me actually) and then finally pac bell fixed the problem.

So anyway i've had it for several months...and i haven't noticed any change in my phone bill. i still pay around the same amount. with pac bell i had a flate rate monthly fee that covered all zone 3 calls and local toll calls...but with Cox they don't offer such a plan. so that's why the net result is the same cost.

The other thing I'm disappointed with is that Cox can't fix my call waiting caller id problem.
Basically when I'm on the phone and i get the call waiting signal. it cuts out my conversation for 2-3 seconds at a time! I can't hear a thing! Its extremely annoying!
So I called Cox and they sent a technician out, and he listened to it and said "Oh yeah! this is wrong! we gotta fix this" so he messed around with the box outside, and couldn't fix it.
He said he'd have a supervisor show up the following week to fix it. Noone ever came.
Its been 6 months and they never did fix it. I haven't felt like calling them again to have another clueless tech come out and say he can't fix it.

to end a long story, I'm going to switch back to pac bell pretty soon.

plus. i don't like cox cuz they couldn't clear up the noise on my cable tv channel 13 (star trek channel). then the clueless tech told me that i should switch to digital. but of cousre he didn't know that none of the lower 100 channels are digital even if you go with cox digital! so it wouldn't have made a difference.

as you can see, i expect a lot better service and technicians than i get.
but oh well. i'm not all that bitter..
i do have satellite tv now, which is LOVE...i think DISH is a great provider of digital video. its perfect. all my channels are digital, even the lower 100


lost payment

I sent a payment to Cox on January 2, 2003. It was received and cashed by Cox on January 3, 2003. My payment was never credited to my account. I have contacted the company that I purchased the money order from. They have advised me that I have to pay $20 in order to receive a copy of the money order and proof that it was cashed. I can pay the $20 up front to receive the proof that Cox did cash the money order. After this proof is received by Cox. I would like to be reimbursed the $20. For it was the companies error that my payment was not credited to my account. No one in the office will reimburse me the $20 fee I have to pay, because they didn't credit my payment properly. I have spoken to several supervisor's. No one will help me! All I have heard is, it is our policy. We can not help you. How can it be their policy to not help the customer with an error that they made?? It makes no sense. If this was a good company, they would have apologized for the error and reimbursed me. I am astounded and very upset, for now I have to close my cable and internet account. I will not do business with a company that will not correct there own mistakes.