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Criticism Continues Over AT&T's Wireless Network
Meanwhile, MMS functionality has three weeks to appear...
by Karl Bode 08:50AM Thursday Sep 03 2009
AT&T has spent much of this week doing damage control on all the negative press their wireless network has been getting, pointing to 850 MHz network upgrades in New York, New Jersey and Houston. The New York Times apparently wasn't playing along, running a lengthy piece yesterday again lambasting the carrier for capacity issues. All AT&T can do is remind the press than they're adding 2,100 cell towers and 100,000 new backhaul links, but by the time the upgrades are complete, their exclusive contract may be dead and users could be moving on to other carriers. Meanwhile, Techcrunch reminds everyone that AT&T technically has three weeks to enable MMS functionality in order to stick to their promise of delivering it by the end of summer.

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