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DHS Domain Seizures Get Ridiculous, COICA Returns
DHS ICE office 'Accidentally' Shuts Down 84,000 Websites
by Karl Bode 06:36PM Thursday Feb 17 2011
This week the Department Of Homeland Security's ICE office began seizing additional domain names in their copyright, counterfeit goods and child porn initiative that we've been covering for several weeks. The effort has been a rather Keystone-cops-esque affair and rife with serious problems, most notably including the seizure of legitimate foreign business domains that weren't engaged in illegal activity. This week things were taken to an entirely new level with the news that the DHS accidentally shut down about 84,000 websites that had nothing to do with child porn after they seized -- then released -- the domain of a free DNS provider:
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As with previous seizures, ICE convinced a District Court judge to sign a seizure warrant, and then contacted the domain registries to point the domains in question to a server that hosts the warning message. However, somewhere in this process a mistake was made and as a result the domain of a large DNS service provider was seized. The domain in question is mooo.com, which belongs to the DNS provider FreeDNS. It is the most popular shared domain at afraid.org and as a result of the authorities’ actions a massive 84,000 subdomains were wrongfully seized as well. All sites were redirected to the (ICE/DHS warning graphic, right).
Note that there's very solid evidence that what Homeland Security is doing probably isn't legal -- though as we've seen with domestic surveillance practices by the government, what's legal isn't really something many people in the intelligence community (or the telecom companies that help them) really spend much time worrying about. In fact the DHS at this point doesn't even want to provide a yes or no answer to whether they screwed up and took 84,000 websites offline.

Meanwhile, the controversial COICA censorship bill has returned once again at the behest of the entertainment industry, aimed at expanding government authority to censor or filter content with little regard for First Amendment rights.

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netbus developer
Brighton, MA

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reply to S_engineer

Re: How come this is still allowed to happen?

This is why I am going to school. I'm going to invent warp drive and fly off this rock.


Smithtown, NY

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Freedom does not dissapear overnight

Freedom disappears one little thing at a time. America is on a slippery slope downwards in many areas.

I came here from poor old Europe in the mid seventies and America was a great country to live in and truly the land of opportunity. The average middle class person did not spend half their life worried about how they were going to pay their bills and if they were going to have a job next week.

Something went wrong somewhere.

Chicago, IL

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reply to averagedude

Re: How come this is still allowed to happen?

Don't you dare get sick, otherwise you'll be replaced!.In addition, you now have to take 20 furlough days (unpaid , of course) but you will still be required to answer all call. Furthermore, Your benefit package is costing the business too much, so you will now be required to contribute 75% of you insurance contributions with a $5000 deductible, and all of your 401K contributions with no matching corporate contributions. You will still have to use the approved fund manager. Now since we've laid off half of your department, you will have to pick up the slack.

And most of all remember, you're lucky to have a job
"Thanks for the dance... and cut yourself a slice'a throat! "
- Curly (HOI POLLOI, 1935)