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DOCSIS 3.0 Can Be Funded By 'Couch Change'
Suggests Comcast exec, who brushes off FiOS...
by Karl Bode 05:35PM Wednesday May 09 2007
Yesterday Comcast tested 150Mbps DOCSIS 3.0 hardware at the NTCA Cable Show, grabbing massive press attention. Today Comcast's Steve Craddock brushed off FiOS competition by noting Comcast's upgrade path will be significantly cheaper. "Cable can go deploy DOCSIS 3.0 for a couple billion dollars -- It’s the kind of money we can find in the sofa cushions," he quipped, noting FiOS would cost tens of billions just to hit 14% of the country. "FiOS is something my grandson needs to worry about, not me," he says -- yet the company is going to focus these upgrades on areas with FiOS competition first. There's been little talk from the other major cable providers on their own DOCSIS upgrade plans at the NCTA show in Vegas this week, but Comcast has certainly been chatty.

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