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DSLExtreme Outsources Support To Philippines?
Techs In Utah, California Say They've Been Let Go
by Karl Bode 09:57AM Monday Mar 21 2011
Back when Ikano Communications acquired independent ISP DSLExtreme in 2006, a DSLExtreme employee told us that the first thing Ikano said to the company was "we don't want to mess with what you've done.'" Fast-forward to 2011 and we're hearing numerous rumblings in our forums that a large number of DSLExtreme tech support representatives in both California and Utah lost their jobs last week, with most of the company's tech support now outsourced to the Philippines. Users looking for support say the company's live chat functionality isn't working very well at the moment. We've contacted DSLExtreme for confirmation and will post updated information as we receive it.

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San Francisco, CA

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reply to Liaa

Re: Outsource again Kills Jobs in US

The sad thing is all we have left in this country are service jobs, and now even those are being outsourced, or replaced with H1-B employees. When will America wake up and stop believing that *any* corporation has any interest in supporting our people or our country?!?

Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ

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its the way of corporate america

if it can save them even 25 cents they will do it. remember companies do not care about your community or the country itself. if it would increase their profits they would outsource everything that could be and only have a small office in NYC with 7 figure making execs as their only location in the US if they could find a way to make that work.
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