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Democrats Introduce Bill to Restore FCC Neutrality Rules
by Karl Bode 04:18PM Monday Feb 03 2014
Senators Ed Markey, Richard Blumenthal and Representatives Henry Waxman and Anna Eshoo today introduced new legislation called the Open Internet Preservation Act of 2014 (pdf) intended to restore the FCC's network neutrality rules, recently struck down by a court ruling. The FCC has stated they'll act after the defeat, but has been very ambiguous as to how.

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"Our bill very simply ensures that consumers can continue to access the content and applications of their choosing online," Waxman said in a statement. "The FCC can and must quickly exercise the authorities the D.C. Circuit recognized to reinstate the Open Internet rules."

“By striking down rules that prevented broadband providers from discriminating against or even blocking online content, the Court’s decision threatens the openness and freedom that has defined the success of the Internet," Eshoo said in a statement.

The problem? As noted previously, the bill has little to no chance of making it through a bickering Congress, where the very concept of network neutrality has become rather politically toxic. There's also the fact (overshadowed in recent coverage) that the FCC's rules never really actually did very much to begin with, suffering from ample loopholes while failing to seriously apply to wireless networks.

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delusion ftl


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reply to Mr Guy

Re: Why will this bill stall in congress?

Ah the stench of blind partisanship. My side is always right, your side is evil. If I'm not sure where I sit on a topic, i will check with my party overlords and they will tell me my position.

In reality land both parties are fully bought and paid for by various corporate interests and pander to a base they gin up by demonizing the opposition. You, just like every other blind partisan, have fallen for it hook, line and sinker. It's an embarrassment for any mature adult to still be cheering for either of the two parties. Anyone who thinks different is mis-informed. I think both parties should be thrown away and we should not have any more "career" politicians.

As for network neutrality. You can fight it with more government (more taxes, more money) with mixed results, or you can make the entry into the competitive market attractive (again, with mixed results).

Over the years, I've begun to personally believe the fix to our broadband issues is simply to do on a national (or state level for my friends on the right) utopia style network. Government builds and maintains (via private contractors) a fiber network, similar to how they build and maintain water networks, road networks, etc.. And then allow private, for profit, companies to compete for services over those roads. So if ATT wants to charge 10 dollars for a hookup, and then 10 bucks for access to Google, and 10 bucks for access to netflix, or whatever, they are certainly welcome to it, but when their competitor offers 30 dollars for unlimited everything, they will not last.

Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ

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reply to DataRiker

Re: I definitely support this

said by DataRiker:

We need to make this into law.

Otherwise you can look forward to an ATT Uverse bill like this:

Internet = 49.99
google.com...30 visits = $1.38
amazon.com..11 visits = $0.58


Netflix.com...37hrs = $42.95*

*You can avoid costly video charges by upgrading to a UVERSE triple play and watching your shows with the provided VOD services.
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I definitely support this

We need to make this into law.

Otherwise you can look forward to an ATT Uverse bill like this:

Internet = 49.99
google.com...30 visits = $1.38
amazon.com..11 visits = $0.58