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Deutsche Telekom Improves Offer For MetroPCS
To Win Over Hesitant Investors...
by Karl Bode 08:36AM Thursday Apr 11 2013
Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile have improved their offer to acquire MetroPCS in order to battle back deal resistance from shareholders. Deutsche Telekom's latest deal, which the company insists will be its "best and final" offer, would reduce the debt the combined company would bear by roughly $3.8 billion while reducing the interest rate by half a percentage point. Deutsche Telekom stated they would also extend a lockup period during which the new company cannot sell shares to 18 months from 6 months. Under this renewed deal, shareholders will receive $4.09 a share and receive a 26% stake in the new combined company.

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Valrico, FL

Stock price...

They are offering $4.09 per share? I just looked up and Metro PCS stock is around $11 ...so no wonder share holders want nothing to do with it. Even with the 26% stake in new company it is a bad deal, not to mention who knows what that stock will be worth -a gamble.

Federal Way, WA

So let me get this straight

DT was trying to dump TMO, what, less than two years ago? Now they want to grow it? SOMEONE HELP ME MY BRAIN IS FALLING OUT

Fremont, OH

Re: So let me get this straight

When you have an offer to sell- and it looks good- you sell. And if you can buy - you buy. It depends on what's good at that time. Something another carrier should have done along time ago.