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DirecTV Considering Embedding Antennas Into Set Tops
As a Way to Skirt Soaring Retransmission Fees
by Karl Bode 04:13PM Wednesday May 22 2013
DirecTV is contemplating embedding an antenna into their set top boxes in order to offer live over the air broadcasts, thereby circumventing retransmission fees. Speaking at the JP Morgan Technology, Media and Telecom conference in Boston, DirecTV chief financial officer Patrick Doyle stated they didn't have a timeline on the project, but that it makes financial sense due to the soaring price of retrans fees and the landscape shift that's occurring courtesy of Aereo. He also stated that whenever it does get deployed, it would only be initially made available to new customers. "We’ll probably test in some markets an over-the-air integrated tuner set-up and make sure the customer experience is there," insists Doyle.

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Re: How many areas get good OTA coverage?

why not make it part of the dish it self? get a better signal any way