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DirecTV Makes You Jump Through Hoops To Give Them Money
'My dog ate my dish, may I get NFL broadband video now sir?'
by Karl Bode 06:09PM Monday Sep 13 2010
DirecTV recently announced they were going to allow users who don't subscribe to DirecTV to get NFL Sunday Ticket streamed via broadband for $350 a season. Unfortunately there's a catch: you have to be unable to get DirecTV service, via line of site obstruction, a horrible architectural disfigurement, or some other caveat. As you might expect, there's a growing number of people now trying to test DirecTV's mettle, by claiming their landlord won't allow them to mount a dish:
I called in and talked to a nice lady who actually had an inkling of what this was all about. I gave her my story unbidden about being denied the right to place a satellite dish on my rental property, which she accepted. After placing me on hold to check with her supervisor, she directed me to a web address hidden on the DirecTV server, wherein I could sign-up for the internet-only service. Easy sign-up, one simply has to attest that one does not have DirecTV service at their address, has NEVER had it at their address, and CANNOT have it at their address.
It's sheer genius on DirecTV's part to make it harder for consumers to pay them gobs of money -- especially when DirecTV has shelled out multiple billions to the NFL for the exclusive right to presumably sell people said product. Of course this could be a contractual restriction imposed on DirecTV by the NFL, in which case the intellectual firepower at play here is all courtesy of the NFL.

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