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DirecTV Narrows Release Window With $30 Films
Movies Ten Weeks After Theatrical Release
by Karl Bode 09:23AM Wednesday Apr 20 2011 Tipped by AndyDufresne See Profile
We mentioned this was coming last year, and now DirecTV is the first of several cable TV companies that plan to try and narrow the theater to VOD release window by offering films just 10 weeks after a film's theatrical release. However, that expedited release date is going to come at a steep premium many consumers won't be willing to pay. According to Bloomberg, DirecTV will offer a 48-hour rental of Sony's "Just Go With It" for $30 -- ten weeks after the film premieres in theaters. The Studios are hoping to lessen the impact such services have had on DVD sales -- but that whopping $30 price tag suggests they remain somewhat out of sync with consumers. The films are only available to DirecTV customers with high-definition tuners equipped with digital video recorders, and the films will be available in two week windows.

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