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DirecTV Offers Options They Hope Replace Weather Channel
by Karl Bode 09:31AM Tuesday Feb 11 2014 Tipped by Toguro See Profile
DirecTV has escalated their battle against the Weather Channel, begun when the channel was pulled from the satellite TV company's lineup in January over a retransmission dispute. DirecTV has been trying to get customers to forget about the channel, initially launching WeatherNation on channel 361, and now offering users a variety of other weather options they hope will replace missed content. These options include a feature allowing users to gain access to local weather data instantly, and an upcoming six-feeds-in-one “Severe Weather Mix" channel. DirecTV has also continued to punch hard with claims the Weather Channel has wandered too far from their original purpose: reporting the weather.

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Broomfield, CO

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reply to amarryat

Re: That's what you get for naming winter storms

Who names Winter storms ? Its so dumb ! i gave up watching TWC because of it !

Andover, NJ

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Now Lets Talk About CNN Headline News

Used to be a 30 minute rolling news channel which was great for getting an overview of world/national events.

Now it is more feature news segments. I miss the quick news recap that CNNHN used to provide. So I guess one could say that they too have strayed from their roots.
The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.

Verizon FiOS

Marshfield, MA

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That's what you get for naming winter storms

I'd be happy if Verizon freed up that spot as well.

your name


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Weather channel is a nothing channel - be easily replaced

The Weather Channel is in a weak position here. It is a channel that can be replaced by any of a large number of other weather options. The Weather Channel should have agreed early on. Very very few will care if it is gone. They are not ESPN.

I live in a van down by the river.
Sugar Land, TX

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Didn't even notice it was missing

I didn't even notice the channel was missing until I read about it on here lol. I have not watched it in years.