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DirecTV Price Hike February 9
Prices bumped for all packages from 4.5% to 60% since 2008
by Karl Bode 04:01PM Monday Jan 04 2010
We've already mentioned that DirecTV was (like many other phone, cable and satellite TV companies) planning a suite of rate hikes starting in March, though specifics were hard to come by. The Orange County Register notes that the rate hikes are actually arriving February 9, cover a number of DirecTV's programming tiers, and will result in customers paying from 4.5% to 60% more since 2008 -- and in most instances for the exact same service. DVR prices are also being bumped from $5.99 to $7 a month. Of course if you're under contract, the hikes won't hit until your current contract expires. Happy TV rate hike season, everyone.

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