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Dish CEO Still Really, Really Likes Idea of DirecTV Merger
by Karl Bode 02:38PM Friday Nov 15 2013
Dish CEO Charlie Ergen continues to insist that he thinks a merger between Dish and DirecTV would be a good idea. "There’s obviously a business case that [consolidation] makes a lot of sense in the satellite industry," Ergen stated this week. "Whether it ever comes to fruition is another story. But both Dish and DirecTV realize that it could make a lot of sense." It remains unclear if regulators would approve such a deal, after blocking exactly this specific merger back in 2002. Ergen clearly likes to hope so -- his rhetoric this week almost exactly matches the same statements he made back in August.

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Phoenix, AZ

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reply to ke4pym

Re: Technology

I have used the GenieGo and it was not nearly as good as my Hopper with Sling. I'm sorry but DTV is not as good as Dish and still somehow costs more (with worse CS in my experience)

I may give DTV a try again at some point, but Dish always has better set top technology and the awards they receive prove it year after year.



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reply to Dtv Fan

Re: DTV eats Dish

From my experience, DTV set top boxes are only aesthetically better.. But when it comes to functionality, Dish's Hopper absolutely craps on DTVs boxes.. The Hopper is a lot more responsive and the sling feature is absolutely genius.. Its worth the price of the service alone IMO..

Want to go back to Iowa
Springfield, MA
·Verizon Broadban..

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Merger conditions

I'd like to see the following merger conditions if this does happen:
1. That all customer call centers be operated in the United States and that a live operator answer the phone within five minutes of a caller pushing the zero key on the telephone keypad no more than once under normal operating conditions.
2. That advertised prices include all charges including equipment fees and surcharges for one receiver (what the customer's bill would be after taxes, surcharges and fees).
3. And that terms and conditions of all offers be spelled out in easy to understand and disclosed up front. In other words, not be told no commitment and be found to be locked into a commitment like I was in 2005.
4. That all installs be done in a safe and workman like manner (which means that the dish is grounded and wires are run neatly and wall plates used when wires come out of walls) and that shoddy/unsafe installs are corrected at no charge to the customer. They should be required to give each customer at the beginning of each install a brochure that details a proper and safe install and gives a toll free number to call for concerns regarding the install.
I've experienced ImOn (when they were McLeod USA), Mediacom, Comcast, and Time Warner and I currently have DirecTV. They are much better than broadcast TV.

I have not and will not cut the cord.



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reply to Dtv Fan

Re: DTV eats Dish

Nothing beats the hopper with sling. DISH wins CES awards every year on the advanced tech inovations, DTV doesn't. DISH cares about there supperior set top boxes with FASTEST CPU on the market. DTV doesn't again.


Boston, MA

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reply to BosstonesOwn

Re: This might actually now be a good idea

There is no scenario in which this is a good idea. Although your points about Comcast are valid, two wrongs don't make a right--the Comcast/NBCUniversal merger should never have been approved.

DirecTV has something like 50 million 'viewers' in the U.S. when you add in their large hotel & sports bar business (and has around 30 million residential customers). Dish has something around 20 million customers. Each company is currently in the Top 5 of U.S. providers, so there is no real need to consolidate other than to eliminate the only other satellite competition. Their size already allows them to negotiate rights deals favorably, unlike much smaller providers.