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Dish Gives Up on Clearwire
Our Long, Semi-Absurd Telecom Soap Opera is Over. Maybe.
by Karl Bode 11:17AM Thursday Jun 27 2013
On the heels of Sprint's recent higher offer for Clearwire, Dish has now announced that the company will be ending their attempt to acquire Clearwire. Sprint not only topped Dish's previous offer with a $5 per share offer of their own, Sprint's latest proposal with Clearwire included several provisions that made it more difficult for Clearwire to back away from a Sprint acquisition without penalty. The official announcement by Dish is short and sweet, but it may not be an end to the drama. Dish still wants to build a nationwide LTE network, and analysts believe that Dish's Charlie Ergen may now pursue a T-Mobile acquisition to bring that plan to fruition. Dish has also now asked the FCC to waive network build out conditions they previously agreed to requiring Dish build 40% of their LTE network within four years.

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Glendale, AZ

Removed current bid doesn't mean Ergen will not make more wa

Ergen still may try a new approach and to do so needed to drop his current bid.
Even if he gets more flesh from Softbank he will be happy.


Re: Removed current bid doesn't mean Ergen will not make more wa

It's plausible that Ergen could still try to stick a few more thorns in SoftSprint's side if he wants to go for Tmobile and wants to make it more difficult for Softbank to acquire...


But others think Dish will abandon wireless altogether and sell the spectrum. Doesn't seem like Ergen will want to do that. Pay broadcast TV doesn't have a growth future, even if they manage to merge with DirecTV.

DT (Tmob's parent) might decide what happens next to US market. Do they keep and invest in Tmob or sell it and try to incite a bidding war between Dish and Sprint. If they sell it, will the Feds push for keeping a Big 4 or allow a Big 3.

Pompano Beach, FL
·T-Mobile US

Re: Removed current bid doesn't mean Ergen will not make more wa

There will be o merger with Directv.. The Bush administration DOJ after considering a previous attempt in 2003, rejected it and filed a lawsuit to block.

A lot of the same arguments used then, still apply today, thus there will be no merger reducing DBS sat competition.