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Dish Network Takes A Beating
Loses 102,000 subscribers, warns things will get worse...
by Karl Bode 09:29AM Monday Mar 02 2009
Dish Network was already being hit pretty hard by the housing bubble, but AT&T's decision to cancel their partnership with the satellite company is only making things worse. Without AT&T's bundle promotions, or AT&T's previously much-ballyhooed DBS/DSL hybrid HomeZone unit taking on new customers, Dish is expecting already bad numbers to get worse. While most other TV operators managed slow but strong growth, Dish lost 102,000 subscribers last quarter, blaming "weaker economic conditions, aggressive subscriber acquisition and retention promotions by our competition, heavy marketing by our competition, the growth of fiber-based and Internet-based video providers, signal theft and other forms of fraud, and operational inefficiencies at Dish Network."

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