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Dish Offering 10 Mbps, $30 Fixed LTE in Virginia
by Karl Bode 07:53AM Thursday Jul 17 2014 Tipped by telcodad See Profile
Dish announced in May of last year that the company would be offering fixed LTE services in a new partnership with nTelos. At the time, the companies stated they'd be ultimately offering the service in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky -- though hard details on the plan were hard to come by.

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After a few delays, Dish and partner nTelos have announced that they're officially offering the service to users in Virginia. According to the announcement, the service uses a BandRich ruggedized outdoor router mounted to the home to deliver 10 Mbps -- for $30 a month if you bundle Dish satellite service. There's no mention of a usage cap, but you can be sure one exists (I'm checking with Dish to see what it is).

"Results from the first phase of the program were encouraging," nTelos CEO James Hyde insists. "We are excited to begin this important next step to the original trial by adding customers in select markets, which will allow both companies to further evaluate the viability of a full commercial launch."

This is still considered a limited-reach trial, and the companies remain somewhat ambiguous about how many customers are served, and how many new communities will come on line. Dish has shown interest in being a wireless provider for some time, and has spent much of the last few years hoarding spectrum accordingly.

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