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Dish Reiterates Possible Spectrum Sale
If Their Wireless Daydream Doesn't Pan Out
by Karl Bode 04:34PM Wednesday Feb 13 2013
With Sprint derailing Dish's attempted takeover of Clearwire, Dish's plans to build a nationwide wireless operator appear to face dwindling chances. Dish boss Charlie Ergen this week again reiterated that if things don't work out they'll just sell the spectrum off, something some have argued was the point of the entire stage play all along. "We would admit we failed and try a new approach," Ergen said at an AllThingsD conference this week. “We would hang a ‘for sale’ sign on the spectrum." The wheels keep turning however, a Dish filing this week hinting at the brand name of "Racecar" for any new service. Previous filings had hinted at the brand name "Ollo."

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Lost today


Who care's.

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK

Re: Sooooo!

Another choice from the current operators would have been nice.

Which is why it's not happening, of course, they don't want any competition.

DISH has to realize that without a good broadband option their future prospects dwindle.
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anon guy


Just sell the spectrum to Sprint

and be done with it already.

Lost today

Choice my ass.

But this choice is only going to help the people that already 4or5 choices.

San Andreas, CA

Good for you DISH Network

Gladly to hear from the Dish network boss about this transaction. I would like to see this company to go all the way down to the hole, another useless company. The other company is Directv. Both of this company didn't provide me the service that I am suppose to get for my money. I did sign in for their contract and both of them is only ripping me off. They deceive me and only showing the same programs that I should see regularly in a rabbit's ear tv. I know one of this days, this company and Directv will come down and will loose the business and it's coming. Hah, Hah, Hah..............

Bloom County

Re: Good for you DISH Network

You must have cable stock. I know my Dish get s FAR more that what is available OTA. I certainly get what I expect out of the programming I have - you know I researched the packages and what was available and the cost...

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San Andreas, CA

All the way

All the way down to the hole. This company will not see any cent from me and to the people that I know to subscribe with their network services. Customer service and its company is a total rip-off. Do not sign the contract by the person who install the system, you are signing for your nightmare for 24 months. If you sign in you are lock in and you have to pay the rest of the months in your contract. They doesn't care about you, they want your money. I paid off the rest of my contract but I did tell to my friends, neighbors, relatives, and to the rest of people that I know about the service and what kind of business DISH NetWork will provide you. If this company will go down the drain, it is their choice. Some of their employee especially the customer service doesn't have any manners and respect. All they want is your money like Ergen who happened to loosing his new approach. Good for you.
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Re: All the way

Been with Dish for several years & they have provided me the best customer service I have ever experienced from a telco or pay TV service. That and the best bang for my buck compared to the local cableco & DirecTV. Of course, I wish it were cheaper with more channels, but they've given me no reason to switch.

I was hoping they would do something cool with their spectrum, but maybe its sale will help postpone the next rate increase.
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