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Dish Says They'll Be Raising Rates in 2014
by Karl Bode 08:13AM Friday Dec 20 2013
A few months ago DirecTV stated the company would be raising rates in 2014, blaming higher retransmission fees as the biggest culprit for the hikes. Now users over at the Satellite Guys forum state that Dish is also informing them that they should prepare for higher TV prices in 2014. "Starting February 2014, DISH is changing pricing on select programming and services," the message notes. "Most customers will see a $5 increase on their core programming package. You will receive detailed information about these changes in your next bill." Dish

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Pompano Beach, FL
·T-Mobile US

Very tempted to just shut it off.

And go with OTA only. After this latest rate increase my bill will be over $50/month for minimal channels(Dish America).

I've got a nice OTA antenna setup that receives way more channels & subchannels than dish offers, but Dish won't let me drop it's sat based locals to save money.
·Cox HSI
·KCH Cable

Re: Very tempted to just shut it off.

Yeah, we're thinking about the same here before long. OTA here is pretty limited, but we get all the major networks.
Your link didn't work, btw, but I found one that does: »www.mydish.com/downloads/channel···uide.pdf

·Time Warner Cable
Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, are nice alternatives, assuming you have uncapped internet available. I use Netflix over a $15, 2/1 connection without issue. Best about it is you watch what you want, when you want, with no commercials.

I know for me that I'll never have cable again after enjoying commercial free, schedule free viewing for $8 a month. I've only used Netflix, but from what I understand all three services are pretty similar in price and library.

Yes I am too. I have Dish America also, by choice, because like some others, I found I wasn't watching stuff on the extra channels. Now soon to be over $39.99 for just a handful of channels like TNT, TBS, SPIKE, Syfy, etc. plus a darn $7 extra a month to record and store it on a dvr, it is ridiculous! I'll just have to wait until the Syfy originals come out on dvd and rent them from Netflix (hopefully the dvd by mail will be around a few more years), and buy a season pass of The Walking Dead and others off Amazon. There's just too much reality stuff I don't even watch with what I have now.
Mary Esther, FL

Re: Very tempted to just shut it off.

Not to mention rainfade, dish theft, and other things that come with it, if I go satellite, give me a big, beautiful 6 or 12 foot dish.

As for OTA, I just have a UHF (gurr) and got 27 channels! Just no Fox (DTV 10) but, wow. What a sharp picture!


Chicago, IL

Great timing

Just yesterday I got something from them in the mail trying to get me to return to Dish. When I cancelled a few years ago, I told them it was because of too many rate increases. Guess someone didn't get the message.

as Mr. Pink as they come
Phoenix, AZ

'Tis the season



Re: 'Tis the season

'Tis the season for about everyone to do that!

Not going to be just Dish!

Olympia, WA

They need the money folks...

I mean, buying T-Mobile won't be cheap. So customers, pay up!!


Limestone, ME

Start Voting with those wallets

That's the only way for things to change.

Money seems to be the only thing that companies seem to listen to.

San Francisco, CA

Last Straw

Unfortunately, this will be the last straw. We have been leaning towards canceling dish since the last price increase.

We will take the plunge of cutting the cord in January, right before the price goes up.

West Monroe, LA

I'm NOT "Paying Too Much For TV"

I dropped Dish back in 2010, mainly because I got sick of paying for 250 channels, and not finding anything worth watching on them most nights. The networks were all straying from their intended formats and filling their schedules full of lame "reality" crap.

I'm actually finding MORE to watch on the 19 channels I get for FREE with my outdoor over-the-air antenna!

Every couple of weeks, I get envelopes in the mail from Dish, with "You're Paying Too Much For TV" printed in huge letters on the front. I don't think I am. Only way Dish would be CHEAPER than my current set-up would be if they PAID me to take their service!

Re: I'm NOT "Paying Too Much For TV"

What are those 'awesome' FREE 19 channels?

West Monroe, LA

Re: I'm NOT "Paying Too Much For TV"

ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, NBC, PBS (and subchannels), MeTV. Plenty of stuff I watch. Some evenings, I have to make a decision WHAT to watch.

Don't miss Dish at ALL.

Re: I'm NOT "Paying Too Much For TV"

said by Albert71292:

ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, NBC, PBS (and subchannels), MeTV. Plenty of stuff I watch. Some evenings, I have to make a decision WHAT to watch.

Don't miss Dish at ALL.

ABC. Didn't realize they were even on the air since NYPD Blue ended

CBS. A few decent shows, but way too formulaic. At least they got the NFL.

CW. I wasn't a 12 year old girl last time I checked

FOX. At least they pull their relevance in sports, especially considering they have a lot of the biggest events of the year.

NBC. The channel that just can't compete with CBS for programming. But at least Sunday Night Football and the Stanley Cup playoffs turn an otherwise useless network into something decent a few times a year

MeTV. Can't say I care to watch 4:3 black and white content from 100 years ago on a $3600 TV and $2000 audio system.

No FX, no AMC, no Comedy Central, no HBO, no Cinemax, no Showtime, no Starz, no A&E, no BBC America, no ESPN, no Fox News, no NFL Network, no MLB Network, no NHL Network, no CBS Sports Network, no NBC Sports Network, no Fox Sports 1, no MSG, no YES, no RedZone, no Strike Zone, no History, no Food Network, no Tru TV, no TBS, no TNT, no Syfy, no Spike, no Fuse, no can do.

And those are only the channels I record stuff on, on a regular basis, not channels I watch on occasion when something catches my eye. Never have to make a decision on what to watch, the DVRs take care of all of that for me, unless a game is on and then that takes priority and I'll watch the stuff on the DVR the next day. 72, soon to be 74 shows (Starz and HBO are both getting new original series in early 2014) are on my DVR to be recorded, and I believe 12 of them are on the network, 4 of them being the Animation Domination block on Fox the remaining 8 being CBS crap that I'll gradually stop watching over time. Elementary and Person of Interest being the two I'll most likely drop at the end of the season. What awful shows those two have become.
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Re: I'm NOT "Paying Too Much For TV"

LOL. Some people don't watch that much bullshit as you do. There is a life out there too you know.

Re: I'm NOT "Paying Too Much For TV"

Sucks to be them. My life revolves around four screens. Computer, smartphone, tablet and TV, if yours doesn't, I'd hate to be you.



Re: I'm NOT "Paying Too Much For TV"

What a boring life it is that exists only by revolving around four screens full of superficial bull$heit.
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said by Albert71292:

I dropped Dish back in 2010, mainly because I got sick of paying for 250 channels, and not finding anything worth watching on them most nights. The networks were all straying from their intended formats and filling their schedules full of lame "reality" crap.

I'm actually finding MORE to watch on the 19 channels I get for FREE with my outdoor over-the-air antenna!

Oh BS. Again hyperbole reigns supreme!
Glendale, AZ

Re: I'm NOT "Paying Too Much For TV"

I miss only a few channels from cable. Then a few programs here and there.
But life is not over. Go to real movies more often and other stuff.

Torrance, CA
I got myself and "XBMC" box awhile back and have been pay tv free since.

Port Costa, CA

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After 14 years with Dish and being harassed by their audit team I finally fired them. Funny thing was retentions didn't even try and keep me as a customer. After that speil, I've not only switched myself but my girlfriend/parents/grandparents over to D*. So they lost more than just one customer.
Plus the picture quality E* was horrible.

Sean m



When I get a letter from direct tv or dish I send back to sender

Danville, IL
·AT&T DSL Service

A recent cord-cutter's expeience

I became a "cord cutter" earlier this year. Was paying $117/mo for America's Everything Pac, and that was with a discount that would have expired in 2014. And it really wasn't everything, since I didn't get Epix channels. Most of the other premium channels were not getting very current movies. Original programming on HBO, Showtime, etc. was good, but not worth the price they wanted. Although the picture and sound was decent into my Onkyo receiver and Toshiba LCD TV, it wasn't as clear as the off-air local channels. I blame compression on the satellite feed....

So I build a new PC, put Windows 7 Pro on it and added a Hauppauge dual-tuner TV card and a sound card with Dolby 7.1 capability. Then fired up MS Media Center. It's a decent DVR and channel guide, and will play music I have on a NAS drive. Bought a so-called MC Remote to control it with that you can find on Ebay super-cheap. Most say they are for Vista, but work fine on later operating systems.

So now I have a DVR that I can watch one off-air channel on while recording another, plus have the ability to record programs when I'm away. Almost as good as my old ViP 722, and without the bill!

Recently I picked up a Roku 3, and that gets me more current movies if I want them, with better picture and sound. And you only pay for what you want; no bundles of channels.

It was a bit of work and one-time expenses to cut the cord, but worth it in my opinion. I miss a few programs like Homeland, but everything eventually comes out on PPV or BlueRay/DVD.
Festus, MO

Greener Grass

While I wasn't that happy about Dish's bill, I would gladly pay it if I could. I moved to a place that doesn't allow dishes (and seem to have the law on their side) so my only choices were Uverse and Charter. Charter's line up is woeful and more expensive too.

I have never had the picture quality I had with Dish and my bill has gone from mid 50s to almost 100 a month without any movie channels. It's really not worth the money but OTA is not good around here and the Amazon Prime stuff is way too delayed to be anything other than a filler.

The Uverse DVR is inferior in every way to what I had with Dish. Its quirks cause me to curse it a couple times a week even after 6 months. Add in an average of two outages weekly and that sums up my experience.

Who woulda thought? Somebody remembering Dish fondly.

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK

Re: Greener Grass

If I WAS going back to pay TV it would be Dish Network, hands down. Great PQ, Best DVR's you can get other then roll your own, and best rates.

However, I'm not going back to pay TV, so....
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united state

higher rates

if it wasn't for ESPN and College football season and the occasional movies to watch I'd gone OTA for just a few basic channels but it is what it is. Now I have a kid that watches cartoons and you can't get those no more on the networks like it used to be. I remember only cartoons were on from Saturday morning 8am till 12noon and on the networks - that was it!



Dish Network and OTA

I have the Dish "Welcome" package. Its $20 a month and when I phoned Dish, they said buying the locals was not required and the price without locals is $15 a month and thats just what I'm paying.

Neither Dish or DirectTV carry subchannels that I can receive OTA. ThisTV, METV, Antenna TV, COSI and Bounce are all subchannels the sat guys don't offer that I receive for free.

Call Dish and tell them you don't want the locals, they'll drop them and put $5 a month in your pocket. When it comes to DirectTV it is my understanding you must buy the locals want them or not.