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Dish Settles Do Not Call Violation Complaints
46 States allege company engaged in marketing violations...
by Karl Bode 11:41AM Friday Jul 17 2009 Tipped by Sileny Jizda See Profile
In March we discussed how Dish Network was sued for violating the Federal Do Not Call list by the Federal government and four States (California, Illinois, Ohio and North Carolina), At the time, Dish proclaimed that an independent audit revealed no violations, while heavily inferring that any violations may have been the fault of a reseller. This week Dish Network decided to settle, agreeing to pay $5.99 million to 46 different states for the company's marketing practices. The settlement resolves the states’ allegations that DISH Network:

•Refused to accept responsibility for the misconduct of its third-party retailers and installers;
•Made telemarketing calls to consumers in violation of No Call laws;
•Failed to disclose the complete terms and conditions of their customer agreements, including the availability of rebates, credits and free offers;
•Did not disclose that purchased or leased equipment was previously used and/or refurbished;
•Made reference to competitors’ price offers when the goods or services being compared were substantially different; and,
•Charged customer credit cards and debited bank accounts without providing adequate notice and obtaining appropriate authorization.

Back in 2003, Dish Network faced similar complaints by Colorado and 12 other states.

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What about the spam?

I get a lot of spam advertising Dish Network. I realize that Dish is not sending the spam but they are certainly not doing anything to crack down on 3rd party marketers that churn the crap out. It would not be very hard at all for Dish to track these dealers down and deal with them.

Gentoo Convert
Fort Smith, AR

This is just the beginning...

of the reasons that I will NEVER deal with Dish Network ever again for as long as I live. Their technicians don't take responsibility for their errors either. Instead, they try and blame and accuse the customer for messing up something that they never even came near touching, so that they can TRY to charge her, then slanders said customer to her family members(lol) when they lose. Besides that, both me and my bf are on the do not call list and got calls from these idiots all the time(for him to sign up and me to come back lol). It's about time they did something about this POS company! They got away with far too much for far too long. They just need higher fines when more states fine them.

Sandy, UT

Re: This is just the beginning...

knock on wood but I have enjoyed their service so far...No issues, yet
801 Images


Chandler, AZ
I agree I will never deal with Dish again. I will stick to my Direct TV Thank you!

I heart the East Bay
Albany, CA

Re: This is just the beginning...

said by openupshop:

I agree I will never deal with Dish again. I will stick to my Direct TV Thank you!
Both Directv and Dish Network have horrendous and incompetent customer service. However, Directv's customer service is slightly less horrendous than Dish's.

I had Directv for around 3 years until they fucked up so bad I had to dump them. It took Dish only 6 months to screw up enough for me to call it quits.

Now all I have is a DB4 antenna...I don't miss the (lack of) programming and I have $100 extra bucks in my pocket each month.

Charleston, SC

Where does the money go?

How come the states always get the money and not the people that are affected by the calls? Looks to me like the people that complained are entitled to the money and not the state. I bet the people doing the calling did not call any state owned telephone numbers.


Peoria, IL

Dish called our military base all the time...

I remember when I was in the military, and some Dish network distributor was making automated (recorded) calls to many of the extensions on our base. I answered one and finally got patched to an actual person. While trying to sound as official as possible, I reminded him that he was calling a government installation, and asked him to add all of our extensions to the 'do not call' list. He was very flagrant, saying something to the extent that they had a right to call us to gain business. I then referred him to our commander. To my knowledge, they didn't call our base again for quite a while.

drop the crantini and move it, sister
Morristown, NJ


How the hell do I get them to stop calling me? I cancelled service over a year ago and they persist in trying to sell, with at least 2 calls a week.
with every mistake we must surely be learning



Re: DirecTV

They have to work on commission(since most are foreign, they probably have no base wage either). I had to call SiriusXM yesterday because my debit card had changed. Someone obviously from India(or thereabouts) spend 10 minutes trying go get me to buy a 3rd radio and "upgrade" to a lifetime membership.

Norman, OK

About time

I used to work for a Dish network reseller, man let me tell you, those call centers did not give a rat's but if the customer's phone number was on a do not call list. The company I worked for was fined several times for violating the do not call list law in our state. Dish network even knew that this reseller had been fined and did nothing to stop the resellers practices that they continued to with. Fortunately that company is now no longer in business, and consumers here have had far less calls from those bone heads. As an installer for Dish network and DirecTV, I would have to admit, I have seen very few problems where the customer actually caused the equipment to fail, it usually is 95% of the time, the installer's fault since they tried to use the old cable that was in place, instead of running all new cable's for their installations. Also most of them still do not understand to use di-electric compound on all exterior fittings to stop electrolysis that occurs within the fittings, and that usually leads to the signal being degraded far enough to lose your picture at your TV.

Charleston, WV

Worst company I have ever dealt with

They have awesome equipment and a lot of HD channels but their customer service is just horrid. We had them once and would lose the signal everyday--they pretty much refused to do anything about it until we canceled but then it was too late. So be very cautious about committing to Dish--if you have any trouble get ready for some headaches.