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Dish's Ad Skipping DVR Survives Legal Assault
Judge Denies Preliminary Injunction for Hopper DVR
by Karl Bode 09:02AM Thursday Nov 08 2012
As we've been discussing, Dish is now offering users a new DVR ad-skipping technology that has most cable and broadcast executives running for the waaaaambulance. Dish's Hopper technology simply automates something DVR users are already doing (skipping ads), provided the program they're viewing is at least one day past its live air date. The result has been an amusing platter of broadcast executive hysteria and several lawsuits, companies like Fox and Time Warner Cable insisting that Dish is destroying the known television universe by giving consumers what they want.

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In a good bit of news for Dish, the company appears to have survived the preliminary legal assault by broadcasters with a Judge denying a broadcaster request for an injunction. Judge Dolly Gee in the Central District of California stated that the broadcaster case that the technology violates copyright and truly harms their business wasn't very strong:
Judge Dolly Gee in the Central District of California court this week refused News International’s Fox Broadcasting subsidiary a preliminary injunction to prevent Dish shipping its Hopper Whole-Home DVR to punters...Gee determined that Fox was unlikely to be able to prove that it has suffered irreparable harm from the copies Dish made as a way to back up recordings on consumers’ DVRs, Dish said.
In a statement, Dish called the ruling a "victory for common sense and customer choice."

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Jacksonville, FL

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reply to JRW2

Re: I can't speak for everyone but...

No kidding. When I was a child I can recall there literally being about 24 minutes of actual programming for every 30 minutes of air time. Now it's closer to 20 minutes.

I won't even watch anything live on AMC they have so many commercials. (it literally seems to be in about a 1:1 ratio. Watch 5 minutes of movie, watch 5 minutes of commercials)

I've redubbed their network "Always More Commercials".