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Dish's Attempted Takeover of LightSquared Thwarted
by Karl Bode 08:14AM Thursday Dec 12 2013
Private-equity firm Centerbridge Partners LP has managed to swoop in and thwart Dish's attempted acquisition of LightSquared with a possible last minute offer for the beached LTE provider. According to the Wall Street Journal, Centerbridge has proposed paying roughly $3.3 billion plus another $1.7 billion in various liabilities, though anonymous sources state the deal could still fall apart at the last second. Centerbridge's acquisition is likely speculative in nature, with hopes to sell the acquired LightSquared spectrum to the deepest pocketed carrier available. Dish had hoped to use the spectrum to build their own LTE network, despite its history of interference with GPS services.

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Glen Head, NY

It Needs To Die

Lightsquare needs to die and their spectrum holdings used for satellite communications like they were supposed to be used. Frankly any carrier that gobbles up that spectrum will hopefully feel the wrath of the GPS industry should they want to deploy terrestrial LTE on it.
I support the right to keep and arm bears.