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Dodd, Feingold To Fillibuster Telecom Immunity
As following the money shows supporting AT&T and Verizon pays well...
by Karl Bode 08:39AM Wednesday Jun 25 2008
Techdirt notes that perhaps the fight over telecom immunity isn't quite finished after all. Senators Dodd and Feingold are promising they'll fillibuster the latest telco immunity "compromise," which isn't much of a compromise at all. This latest bill simply gives Sprint, Verizon and AT&T a "get out of jail free" card for their participation in the Bush Administration's warrantless wiretapping program.

As usual, you can follow the money to tie telco donations to the politicians who supported the telco push. New analysis shows that those who flip-flopped on supporting immunity for the telcos in this recent vote received twice the donations as those who did not.

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Chicago, IL

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reply to JakCrow

Re: 1st Senate vote on bill indicates ultimate passage

kind of like the hyperbole and empty rhetoric changed the make-up of congress in 2006. What are the accomplishments of the current congress?

And why is "authoritarianism" good when it comes to health care and education?

Splits both ways slick!
Next on Maury Povich's "Wheel-O-Dad", Katrina chooses between 80 potential fathers!


Tulsa, OK

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reply to FFH

Re: Filibusters - a mechanism that has outlived its usefulness

said by FFH:

I wish the Senate would work like the House and drop this antiquated mechanism of foot-dragging and thwarting of the will of the majority. It allows a very small minority of legislators to deny a free and open vote on an issue.
Given that it only takes 60 votes for cloture now, it's fair to say that if it's something important, a filibuster will be broken.

I think it was better back in the days when it took a supermajority to force cloture and there had to be continuous debate. It made for much better TV, and since it was impossible for the Senate to do any business at all with a filibuster ongoing, it was really and truly a weapon of last resort.

Either way, you're off the mark. If nothing else, the Senate rules are far superior in that they make it much harder to ram through bills with little to no discussion. It can obviously still happen, but it's not like the House where the leadership's word may as well be God.

In this particular case, I can be fairly certain that you hold the opinion you posted only because you're a shill for the immunity crowd.
It's wierdo, not weirdo. Yes, I know that's not the 'proper' spelling of the similar english language word.


Lawrence, KS

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reply to FFH

Filibusters - our last remaining hope

I wish the Senate would filibuster more so that fewer stupid ideas like this one get mindlessly pushed after a bunch of corporate donations.