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Don't Hold Your Breath for CenturyLink Upgrades
Though Fiber to the Press Release Pays PR Dividends
by Karl Bode 06:29PM Monday May 06 2013
As I noted last week, CenturyLink has announced a very small trial whereby they plan to offer around 40,000 people in Omaha, Nebrasks fiber to the home connections. The trial, which appears to be piggybacking on older Qwest "Choice TV" discontinued hybrid coax trial technology, will run users $150 standalone, or $80 when bundled with existing television and phone services. It's quite a tone shift for a company that struggles to deliver heavily capped 3 Mbps to many of the DSL users across its 38 state coverage territory.

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The announcement was intended to counter the hype of Google Fiber's entry into CenturyLink's Provo, Utah market, though as we noted last week, CenturyLink customers waiting for any significant network upgrades would be well-served to not hold their breath. Christopher Mitchell at Community Broadband Networks points out that the lion's share of Capex at the company is focused on data hosting and running fiber to towers, with just two residential markets slated for rather modest actual network upgrades anytime soon:
CenturyLink is putting $350 million into expanding high speed Internet generally, but separately (from what we can tell) it is spending between $100-$150 million on improve Internet access in just two markets. Of those two, only 12% of Omaha is covered and the VDSL in Phoenix is barely competitive with existing cable. That should give you a sense of the scale of CenturyLink's investment dilemma: High costs and limited dollars.
CenturyLink wanted the press to believe that they too were seriously jumping into the 1 Gbps game, and judging from overall press reaction, their "fiber to the press release" gambit paid huge dividends for very little actual money or work.

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Miami, FL


The more they talk about fiber the more consumers will start demanding it. The PR stunt only hurts their cause since it seems they are just full of hot air.

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK

I think we're seeing a trend

Everyone wants to act like they are moving to 1Gbps speeds.

That way, they head off Google Fiber making some sweetheart deal with the local community on the grounds it isn't needed because it's coming here already. etc etc
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Don't trust them Omaha

Meanwhile existing Centurylink customers get:



Re: Don't trust them Omaha


Ankeny, IA

Re: Don't trust them Omaha

What I don't get is Centurylink has some areas that already have fiber to the home. Why not offer 1 GB service to them as part of the pilot? Instead they limit fiber technology to fit legacy plans.
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Are we there yet??
Fuquay Varina, NC
Here's what I get from CenturyLink:

I'm actually basically getting what I'm paying for, and that's the fastest speed they offer in my area. Satellite is my only other option for internet at my house. The cable company (Charter) doesn't have any lines out to my neighborhood. Yes, I'm in the country.

I have a brand new house and I watched them bury the line from the pole to my house, and it was a fiber line. No clue what's coming up to the pole. That part was already buried before they started building my house.

Columbia, MO
Elsewhere in Omaha...

40/20 is actually available in my neighborhood but I get 20/5 as it's a little cheaper. This would be plenty of bandwidth for Prism so I hope they don't limit it to just the 1 Gbps FTTH out west.


Century Link is awful, some people manage to get decent but it's mostly if you live in a bigger city. My upload speed is 32kbs at maximum if I don't browse any other pages at the same time. Download is capped around 200kbs on a good day.
Here's mine when I go through speedtest but it's actually much slower than this lets on,

I wouldn't even recommend them based on customer service either, it's worse. I hate calling them.

Cheyenne, WY

Pay Attention

I think CenturyLink should pay more attention to one of their largest data customer's requests instead of playing PR stunt in the wrong neighborhood. Those not willing to reinvent themselves will end up again on the wrong end of another Fiber build-out......


Winfield, AL

I'm ok with them

While they could be better, lots better, I do actually get my advertised speeds. (and then some)

I just wish they were faster with upgrades as I JUST got 10/768 less than a year ago and I got it before it was "officially" available.
10,000/768 CenturyTel PPPoE DSL line (for real this time)

Caveat Emptor
United State
·TracFone Wireless

When I got this company...

When CL first pulled POTS and replaced it with converted-to-DSL POTS to the house, the net whizzed at 10down but the ,50 couldn't support a phone. After listening for 6 moths to the beta tech support and their canned bs about how "you are receiving the best possible service in your area" while I read about them sending 100 TB to France and 100 TB England, and 45/45 to Las Vegas I did something illogical. I called my state commerce commission and asked for relief. It did take them a month to fix the uplink so I could make a phone call most of the time.

Then they tried to add $300 for service calls when I pay for inside service and the problem is not inside the house or to the plant. In their cheap a** equipment. They backed off on that. Last month they tried tacking on junk taxes that do not related to me or my NINE year contract. Then came the screwing around with the email. I got 13 emails Sunday I read a week ago. This company is so much fun I can't stand it longer.
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