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Dual HD Stream U-Verse Expanding
No official word yet from AT&T on plans
by Karl Bode 04:24PM Monday May 19 2008
Though I've been unable to get official launch plans out of AT&T yet, our users are reporting that the telco is now offering dual-HD streams in a number of U-Verse markets. After seeing an initial launch in the St. Louis area, users in parts of Michigan and Georgia are also seeing the update. Providing dual HD streams is an important competitive milestone, because until users can record two HD streams at once, U-Verse TV simply isn't on par with cable & satellite HD. AT&T has been busy trying to fit 10Mbps VDSL data service, two HD channels, and two SD channels into the 25Mbps pipe most users (around 3k feet from the DSLAM) see.

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