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Earthlink to Offer Wireless Over Clearwire Network
Service Will Launch in Early 2013 as Fixed Residential Service
by Karl Bode 08:29AM Friday Sep 14 2012
Earthlink has returned from the somewhat dead to partner with Clearwire for a new wireless project. Earthlink of course has failed utterly to remain relevant to the broadband market, despite ventures in MVNOs, municipal Wi-Fi, and broadband over powerline. A joint press statement indicates that Earthlink's again putting a toe into the wireless broadband waters, striking a wholesale arrangement with Clearwire that will allow them to offer high-speed fixed and mobile broadband service using Clearwire's 4G network under the Earthlink brand. EarthLink's wireless service will initially target consumers for in-home use, and is expected to launch in early 2013 says the companies. Future product offerings will "include mobile devices and new services for small business customers," says the statement.

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Lavalette, WV

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Earthlink? Earthlink from the Old World of dial-up?

They're still around after all this time?
Who would've thought it.

I figured they just faded into obscurity and disbanded, but wow they're still around...



Re: Earthlink? Earthlink from the Old World of dail-up?

Yeah, they bought a couple of Telcos and are still around, speaking as an ex-NewEdge now Earthlink Tech

Galt, CA
i used to work there... im just as surprised as you are about the fact they are still (sorta) alive.


Yes, I can get them using TW cable line. I think there was some agreement due to some legal change that allows Earthlink to provide internet service over TW cable pipeline. I hope Earthlink is around for many years. When TW increases their internet prices, I use Earthlink as leverage to get a "special" deal, otherwise I would switch to Earthlink. When there is a problem, TW tech shows up to troubleshoot and not Earthlink.

Greenville, TX

Never again.

I had Earthlink DSL for a few years.

The connection, while stable & not a bad price, had the most godawful peering & routing.

For example - to get to Level3 servers in Dallas, my packets would route to LA and then back here. Putting my latency from around 11ms to around 90ms.

Just one example... the connection was OK, but that awful peering... my lord...