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Enhanced High Speed Internet NOVA
by Hank 10:17PM Friday May 30 2003
Here is a copy of an announcement that Cox NOVA made yesterday. This text was forwarded to my the Mr. Horwitz of their Public Relations Dept.

"Cox Northern Virginia to Launch Enhanced
High Speed Internet Service

Cox Customers to Soon Enjoy Up to Double the Speeds of
Local Phone Company's Offering

(Herndon, VA) - Cox Communications Northern Virginia announced today that it will double the maximum speeds of its Cox High Speed Internet service for customers throughout its upgraded service areas. Starting August 1, 2003, all existing and future Cox customers in upgraded areas will enjoy enhanced download speeds of up to 3.0 megabits per second (Mbps) - double the existing 1.5 Mbps currently available. Customers will also continue to experience upstream speeds of up to 192 kilobits per second.

"This exciting improvement will provide customers with the ultimate broadband experience at an extremely competitive price," said Gary McCollum, vice president and general manager of Cox Northern Virginia. "Cox High Speed Internet customers will soon enjoy a connection that is twice as fast as what the local telephone company is able to offer its residential customers."

In addition to an enhanced broadband connection, Cox High Speed Internet also offers seven email accounts, up to 70 Megabytes of personal web space, localized content and convenient remote email access from any standard computer.

The August 1 transition will be automatic. Cox will notify customers of the impending change through email and a variety of other communication vehicles.

Customers of the new enhanced Internet service who also subscribe to Cox Cable will continue to pay $39.95 a month. Non-cable customers will still pay $54.95 a month for their Cox High Speed Internet connection.

This announcement has no bearing on Cox's local business customers."


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What a bunch of crap

This is such a load of crap..you would think they would be mopre interested in servicing ALL of the citizens of Fairfax County befor they starting talking about faster service. The real way they are going to give faster service is to deny service to anyone new moving into the areas they haven't bothered to upgrade yet particularly area 4C.

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Re: What a bunch of crap

What section of Fairfax County are you in? I take it you are in a section that has yet to be upgraded. At the rate they are moving they will have the majority of Burke, Centreville and probably the remaining portion with Fairfax mailing addresses finished before they implement this.

By the way if you register you get to use instant messages plus when you have question or a problem everyone can see where you are located. It also free.
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