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Ergen: Dish Will Launch Internet Video Service Before Year's End
by Karl Bode 12:48PM Friday May 09 2014
Dish has long been rumored to be offering a live broadband TV service, and Dish boss Charlie Ergen now states that the company should launch the service before the end of the year. "We have enough programming contracts to launch the service now," Ergen said, stating the company still has a few kinks to work out in terms of targeted advertising for the service.

Dish struck a deal with ABC earlier this year that involved crippling some ad-skipping on their auto-ad-skipping DVR, in exchange for Internet video licensing rights. Other companies, like CBS, say they'll want significant more from Dish for those same rights. Similar services from dozens of companies have failed due to trouble securing licensing, though Ergen is downplaying his company's lack of deals with numerous players.

"We're comfortable launching with what we have, but think there might be some more programmers who will want to experiment with this," said Ergen.

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Santa Monica, CA
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Another Piecemeal Offering

As usual, this will not feature the content people want, but apologists will explain that they "find something to watch".

Kudos though, for Ergen at least willing to sacrifice commercial-skipping AND at least, engaging the content owners in a discussion on their higher prices, to dislodge [some] content from the pay-tv contract/cable leash.


Riverview, FL


I currently subscribe to their streaming only sports package and it works very well. Think its 10.70 a month and I use it on Roku. Will be interesting to see what it has to offer.



This isn't about choices, it's about limiting them.

So they offer customers their own streaming service, with maybe some perks like doesn't use up your bandwidth like these other services (Netflix). They all start doing that, and people being the sheep they are will change causing Netflix to die, and at that point with the true job done, end that service with a hearty thank you but we no longer see the need to provide this option, and then proceed to raise the rates on the regular service again to astronomical douche bag levels.

Elko, NV

Re: This isn't about choices, it's about limiting them.

How is it possible to stream video without using up bandwidth?
Expand your moderator at work


Littleton, CO

They still can't get anything right in the first place . . .

If it resembles anything like their VOD, it'll be a joke.

Pittsfield, MA

Re: They still can't get anything right in the first place . . .

If you have the Hopper it has come a long way. VIP reciever on demand content was awful...


Littleton, CO

Re: They still can't get anything right in the first place . . .

But not "long way" enough. Their (DISH) VOD is so disjointed and lacking it makes DirecTV's look like a free ticket to a video service.

Bon Aqua, TN


I"m thinking unless they pull a rabbit out of their arse and have something like a device you can select shows you want to watch later be loaded up into it say over night or through the day through a compressed beam rather than a steady broadcasting stream then this will likely not do anything unique....

I do like the idea of being able to select shows for the box to capture thats being offered and when they beam them compressed and all at once to a region it will be on your box.. But that might accidentally be innovative and we must destroy the idea before it takes root for the sake of premiums and HBO!!!!!!!!

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Found this nugget tucked away in the links above:
"The extensive and expanded distribution agreement grants DISH rights to stream cleared linear and video-on-demand content from the ABC-owned broadcast stations, ABC Family, Disney Channel, ESPN and ESPN2, as part of an Internet delivered, IP-based multichannel offering.".

If they do provide ESPN, this could be very interesting. I'm afraid they'll cripple the service though. Given either a low monthly price (50) or no contract pricing I'd be very interested during college football season. I'm just afraid they'll spoil it with their typical tricks like contracts, rental fees and promotional pricing periods.

On a positive note, it makes perfect sense for a satellite company to be the first IP provider not using their own infrastructure as they're already accustomed to navigating the local licensing issues.

Sandy, UT

Charlies game

Charlie every so often announces a plan to buy or create some internet company, be it internet service (DSL/Cable/Sat), cellular service, internet video or some other service people are making money in. It's as routine as the calendar and I'm sure can be tied to some investor event. None of these initiatives has ever succeeded if it's ever made it past the talk.

Hell he bought blockbuster supposedly for this reason then crushed it like usual. Two years ago he could have brought a real Netflix rival to market with the blockbuster assets, instead he gutted the company and sold the assets. The lesson in this is don't believe a thing Charlie says.