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Exclusive: Some Comcast Users Will See 500 GB Cap
Company to Scale Cap Size With Tier Speed
by Karl Bode 12:48PM Friday Sep 14 2012
It appears that Comcast is tinkering with the idea of offering higher caps with higher tiers of service, and will again shake up their speed options sometime in the next year for the majority of users. A reliable source tells Broadband Reports that it does appear that Comcast is going to go forward with the model they're currently testing in Nashville, which implements a 300 GB cap with users paying $10 per each additional 50 GB in overages. In the ongoing trial, customers were given a "grace period" wherein they were only being charged after they crossed the cap three previous times in one month.

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Interestingly, our source claims that when Comcast proceeds with the deployment of this new cap system nationally, faster speed tiers will see higher caps. For example, users on the company's "Performance" tier (currently 15 Mbps down, 2 Mbps up) will see a cap of 300 GB. Users on the company's "Blast" tier (currently 25 Mbps down 4 Mbps up) will see a higher 500 GB cap.

Our source did not know what caps would be implemented on the company's faster 50, 105 or upcoming 305 Mbps usage tiers, or if Comcast is considering having no cap at all on their fastest tier. Generally, Comcast uses these caps as a way to differentiate between residential and business class services, and, like with other ISPs, to help protect TV revenues from Internet video.

Unlike other cap and overage ISPs (AT&T, CableOne, etc.), Comcast at least seems interested in scaling their usage caps with the times, and they've also been more than consistent in terms of offering faster and faster speeds. Comcast still intends to bump their Performance tier from 15/2 to 25/4 and Blast tier from 25/4 to 50/10 in all markets. That's alongside of the company's 305 Mbps tier that's intended to compete with Verizon's new 300 Mbps FiOS offering.

Back in May Comcast stated they were exploring two options: a 300 GB cap for all tiers, or scaling caps for each speed tier; it appears that Comcast is interested in the latter.

Update: Comcast's Tucson-area website already shows Comcast experimenting with higher caps for faster tiers, with their Performance tier seeing a cap of 300 GB, Blast getting a 350 GB cap, Extreme 50 getting a 450 GB cap, and their Extreme 105 tier seeing a 600 GB cap.

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Re: datttt

said by JigglyWiggly:

if no cap on 50+ tiers...
then i will give cumcast a hi five
that wud actually be awesome

Please stop typing like that.



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Re: Not surprising

Please don't remind me of the horrors I'm about to experience under the ownership of a Canadian cable company.

At least I'll have content to provide the site, and you can all feel sorry for me.


Richland, WA

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Problem MATH

So lets get this straight:

For rough math sake, say $50/month for 300GB

At overage rates $10GBx300 = $3000!

So they are saying once we hit 300GB data is worth 60X more?!!!