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Exede Caps Lifted For Overnight Use
Satellite Company Launches 'Late Night Free Zone'
by Karl Bode 01:48PM Wednesday Aug 15 2012
Earlier this year ViaSat launched Exede, their faster satellite broadband service, which while providing faster speeds of 12 Mbps, still comes with some punishing and costly bandwidth caps. The service comes in flavors of 7 GB ($50), 15 GB ($80), or 25 GB ($130), with users throttled back to speeds of 128 kbps unless they shell out $10 per each additional gigabyte. With such a high price point user impressions have been mixed, though news out of our forums indicates that users should be getting a little good news.

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According to information posted to the Exede website, ViaSat this week started letting users have free downloads that don't count against their usage cap from between midnight and 5 AM. From the website:
Every night during the wee hours, we’re giving Exede customers a free hall pass to enjoy their superfast Internet service just a little bit more. Or a whole lot more — it’s up to you. From 12 midnight – 5 a.m., you can take advantage of 5 hours of free Internet usage to download movies, games, music, and software updates. In addition, you can upload photo galleries, blog postings, videos, perform online backups, and a whole lot more. During this time period, the meter isn’t running, so your late night usage doesn’t count towards your monthly data allowance.
Exede's website then asks itself why ViaSat is being "so generous":
When it’s past bedtime, people use less interwebs. With all that free bandwidth, we thought it was silly to not pass it on to you.
Indeed. While our customer reviews of ViaSat services still suffer due to high prices, low caps, and latency -- this should help ease the pain ever so slightly.

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