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FAA to 'Review' Taxi, Takeoff Electronic Device Rules
You Mean My Kindle Can't Really Destroy the Airplane?
by Karl Bode 08:23AM Monday Mar 19 2012
The New York Times says the Federal Aviation Administration is finally getting ready to review rather silly rules about not using e-readers and other general consumer electronic devices during taxi, takeoff and landing. The agency has long proclaimed that cell phones and other devices interfere with in-flight avionic equipment, but the last time they fully tested their concerns was in 2006 -- long before e-readers and iPads were mainstream. Don't expect the approval of your Kindle or iPad to happen anytime soon, however:
Abby Lunardini, vice president of corporate communications at Virgin America, explained that the current guidelines require that an airline must test each version of a single device before it can be approved by the F.A.A. For example, if the airline wanted to get approval for the iPad, it would have to test the first iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad, each on a separate flight, with no passengers on the plane.

It would have to do the same for every version of the Kindle. It would have to do it for every different model of plane in its fleet. And American, JetBlue, United, Air Wisconsin, etc., would have to do the same thing.
The Times claims the review testing will not include smartphones. There remains no solid technical reason to ban smartphones -- airlines simply like to keep the ban in place to maintain civility -- but it does seem like only a matter of time before the public catches on to the fact their Kindle, iPad and iPhone won't disrupt million-dollar avionics equipment.

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reply to mikedz4

Re: About time.

Dumb examples. The " because I bought a ticket" argument made me laugh. How about this, just say that it wasn't FAA's stupid rules at argument here and the airline just felt it was safer for them to manage a plane of attentive non distracted people in case of an emergency so they wanted everything off.... you think your ticket argument stands?? I'd kick your ass off the plane... stop the jet' open the door and toos you out and chuck your phone at you with that attitude. You don't own the plane... you purchased a service which is to get you from a to b, not any "rights" that you want to give yourself. And I'm sure your parents can check flight status by calling the airline from their cell phone or check the status on the web as well. And what the heck does yours being touchscreen have to do with anything....???


Lincolnshire, IL

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Cabin safety issue.......

A flight attendant told me a couple of years ago that banning electronics primary benefit was to keep all those hard, loose items from becoming airborne missiles in the case of a ground issue, aborted take-off, or rough landing, as rare as those might be.
Jeff Howe
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