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FBI Arrests Another Cable Modem Hacker
Modders who brag get special shiny bracelets!
by Karl Bode 04:27PM Friday Jan 29 2010
Law enforcement has ramped up their assault on the cable modem and hacking community, taking aim specifically at those who operate websites that sell modified cable modems designed to help users steal service. Last January the FBI arrested Pennsylvania resident Thomas Swingler, operator of CableHack.net. Last October the FBI arrested Ryan Harris, head of the TCNiSO modding community. This week saw the FBI set their sights on Matthew Delorey, who operated a now-defunct website called Massmodz. Says The FBI:
Mathew Delorey was arrested today on wire fraud and conspiracy charges relating to his sale of hacked cable modems. The cable modems had been modified to permit a user to hide his or her identity and steal service from Internet service providers. . . Delorey sold such hacked modems to various customers, including a customer in Bronx, New York. He also sold two hacked modems to an undercover FBI agent posing as a customer.
Whoops. Cable modem uncapping and hacking has gotten more difficult over the years as cable network security has gotten more sophisticated. While cable hackers and modders have existed for a very long time, they're usually allowed to fly under the radar and play provided they don't explicitly advocate and/or offer aid in service theft, something all three of the above individuals allegedly did. Delorey's decision to post videos to YouTube titled "How to Get Free Internet" didn't help.

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This has everything to deal with those that are stealing a service they didn't pay for, and making a buck to help more steal it.
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