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FCC Audit Shuts Off Navajo Nation's Satellite Internet
Government and provider can't resolve double billing issue
by KathrynV 09:55AM Saturday Apr 05 2008 Tipped by alanhdsl See Profile
Due to a problem with billing and payment, the Navajo Nation is likely to see their Internet service shut off on Monday. The 27,000 square mile reservation has been using satellite-based Internet provided by OnSat Network Communications. The tribes pay for about 10%-15% of the cost and the U.S. Government covers the rest of the bill. As a result, the government was none too happy when they found out through audit that OnSat had double-billed the tribes for the service last year. The FCC program which doles out this money is withholding it at the current time. In response, the satellite provider says the audit isn’t valid. Furthermore, it says it can’t pay its subcontractors without the cash and won’t continue providing Internet service to the Navajo Nation without payment. The tribes eventually planned to have a wireless network that wasn’t based on satellite but have intended to use this current network for at least a few more years.

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Re: The real question is....

said by FFH5:

BS It is liberal guilt syndrome.
So, when I look up LGS in the dictionary, what will I find?

Inventing a diagnosis to custom fit the result you desire may not be the most credible assessment of a problem.

But undoing your knee-jerk, and returning to the point, are you content with ALL of the transactions between the government and the American Indians?

I can live with expansion through conquest. But once the conquest was over, it should have ended then. The US Government (which is still in existence) made and then broke more treaties, contracts and promises than we can count.

We should have left them in Virginia, Florida, Tennessee, etc as we promised; not brutally relocate them each time we found a crappier piece of land than the one they already occupied.

The collective American Indian tribes are the only US minority group, with which we have an outstanding debt. I'm OK with paying for their internet.

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