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FCC Has $185 Million in Unclaimed Broadband Funding
After AT&T, Verizon Turn Back on DSL Users
by Karl Bode 09:17AM Friday Aug 17 2012
Telecompetitor directs our attention to the fact that the FCC still has around $185 million in unclaimed broadband funds available from phase one of their Connect America Fund. As we've been noting, Frontier signed up quickly for the funds, agreeing to take $71.9 million to wire some 92,000 homes. However, some companies (like Windstream) have balked at taking full funding, saying that getting $775 per install wasn't enough for their liking. AT&T and Verizon have refused funding entirely, as both companies have made every indication they have no interest in retaining millions of their DSL users, or expanding fixed line broadband in any meaningful fashion. The balking by smaller telcos suggests that unlike previous government telecom subsidies, the FCC's program for once actually has guidelines ensuring the money gets used correctly.

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