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FCC: High Cable Rates Due To Franchising System
Set to vote on new 'streamlining' proposal...
by Karl Bode 09:12AM Monday Dec 18 2006 Tipped by UofMiamiGrad See Profile
FCC Chief Kevin Martin blames rising cable rates on local municipalities, citing that they "obstruct and in some cases completely derail" new attempts to bring video competition to an area. On Wednesday, the FCC will vote on a proposal -- which will not be made public until after the vote -- that will "streamline" the video franchise process, in order to help telcos deploy service faster. While details are scarce, it's suggested it would put a time limit on the towns and cities negotiating, as well as limit their ability to ask for franchise fees and/or "build-out requirements."

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anybody's fault but his

FCC Chief Kevin Martin blames rising cable rates on local municipalities...

this is the same logic that blames the american people (or the press or the Iraqis) for the mess in Iraq.

It apparently hasn't occured to Martin that the reason we have no competition is the FCC keeps approving megamergers and deregulating monopolistic industries.