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FCC Keeps Dish LTE Dreams Alive
Begins Rulemaking Process For MSS Spectrum
by Karl Bode 06:41PM Wednesday Mar 21 2012
Dish Chair Charlie Egen recently stated they had roughly a 80% chance of success in getting the network built, a number they stated would decline if the FCC delayed their decision. Earlier this month the FCC delayed their decision, but today voted unanimously to begin crafting new rules that would allow terrestrial use of Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) spectrum. Given Dish's planned use of 40 MHz of spectrum in the 2 GHz band for LTE isn't expected to interfere with GPS like LightSquared, Dish's approval should happen. It won't be quick, but Dish isn't really in a rush because the LTE Advanced MSS spectrum equipment Dish plans to use likely won't even be available until 2015. That's assuming of course Dish isn't bluffing just to drive spectrum prices up for AT&T.

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Tavistock NJ

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With the FCCs last cause Lightsquared dead, this is new proj

With Lightsquared circling the drain, the FCC needed a new project to make it look like they are serious about adding new cellular bandwidth. And this will fit the bill just fine since actual implementation is years away yet. Lets the FCC look like they are doing something while not requiring actual delivered results.

The FCC press release:
»transition.fcc.gov/Daily_Release ··· 45A1.pdf

If you read the press release, the FCC does an admirable job of hiding the fact this is custom designed for DISH. But they didn't fool the tech press:
»news.cnet.com/8301-30686_3-57401 ··· network/

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK

The problem is there is speculation....

... that the rules will be severely restrictive of, or outright ban the use of MSS in terrestrial applications, period, even in cases like Dish where they have selected an appropriate band and have appropriate signal buffers on either side to rule out any *potential* interference into other licensed bands.

So, just because they are crafting new rules doesn't mean it will end up being a positive. If the new rules ban or severely limit MSS, Dish LTE plans would be history.
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