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FCC Levies $48K Fine Against Man For Using Cell Jammer in Car
by Karl Bode 02:49PM Friday May 02 2014
The FCC has levied a fine of $48,000 against a man that spent two years driving around with a portable cell jammer in his car. According to the FCC statement, Jason Humphreys used the device during his commute along Interstate 4 in Florida each day to stop other drivers from talking, sending texts, or using their phones while driving. MetroPCS first caught on to the practice when they noted consistent dead zones each day when tracking network performance. The FCC noted that Humphreys' assault on his fellow drivers' cellular connectivity "could and may have had disastrous consequences by precluding the use of cell phones to reach life-saving 9-1-1 services provided by police, ambulance, and fire departments."

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Youngsville, NC

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You're all acting like your cell service is sacroment - get over yourselves

What did you do 30 years ago when there was no such thing as cell phones ? If you wanted Mobile comms - you lived with CB radio (and that was mostly vehicle to vehicle). The really serious would be using amateur radio.

I ride a motorcycle - and it scares me to death on how many people drive talking on their cell phones ALL the time. Obviously they can't be paying enough attention to the road. In fact - I think it would be a great idea for a rule to be made that shuts off all cell phones at speeds above 5 mph - maybe 10 - this way - if you really needed to talk - you will be over at the side of the road and out of traffic. If it was legal for me carry a cell phone (not public service / aviation) jammer - I would seriously consider it.



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reply to bandit90

Re: What a jerk

Could have gotten someone killed, but probably did save a life or two


·Time Warner Cable
·Verizon Wireless..

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This is why we still need land lines/pay phones

What this guy did was wrong, but I have to say even with the new laws passed no one seems to give a flying crap. I think they need to start giving DUI's to every single person talking, texting or E-mailing on a phone when driving on a public road.

Yes I am saying to treat them the same way as someone drunk, because that's what they are and it needs to stop.


Port Orange, FL
·Bright House
·AT&T U-Verse

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Anyone who thinks his actions are ok....

I spend 2 to 6 hours per day on I-4 traveling between Daytona Beach and the attractions area of Orlando. Over the past twelve years I've been involved in several fender-benders, witnessed hundreds of crashes of varying degrees, and held my hand over some kids neck praying to God she didn't bleed out before medics could arrive.

Stop and go (especially between Altamonte all the way to 528) is common. Being parked is typical after an accident. You tell me how this asshole's actions are ok when you're running up to save someone, and his jammer is blocking people from calling 911.

Being distracted while driving is illegal now, and you can be cited for it if caught. It is advertised as the "No Texting While Driving" law, but actually covers any act that takes your attention off the road.



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reply to NLiveris

Re: Nobody needed 911

had the balls cause it was a person and not a corporation with a lobbyist in their pocket


united state

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reply to cahiatt
Or wrecked trying to figure out why they had no signal.

Smyrna, GA

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Because with the phones jammed, everyone had nothing else to do except pay attention to driving and thus didn't crash.