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FCC Moves to Eliminate NFL Blackout Rules
by Karl Bode 10:40AM Friday Dec 27 2013
For forty years now, regulators have enforced a rule that blacks out local NFL games if locals didn't buy enough tickets to see the games, the idea being apparently to incentivize users to see live sports (or, in contrast, to punish users who for simply trying to watch TV content). After four decades, the FCC voted earlier this month to begin proceedings to eliminate these rules, acknowledging they were rules for another era.

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Such a move would make broadcasters, advertisers and viewers happy, but the NFL couldn't help but grumble about the possible rule change:
The NFL said in a statement that it will "strongly oppose any change in the rule. We are on pace for a historic low number of blackouts since the policy was implemented 40 years ago. While affecting very few games the past decade, the blackout rule is very important in supporting NFL stadiums and the ability of NFL clubs to sell tickets and keeping our games attractive as television programming with large crowds."
In other words, the NFL wants to keep punitive and outdated rules in place because cameras might just show fewer people in the stands as game ticket prices skyrocket.

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As a Lions fan....

I really hope they do blackout the games. That way, it would save me from the misery of seeing that team play on Sundays.
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