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FCC's Baker Heads for Job at Comcast
Four Months After Approving $13.75 Billion Comcast/NBC Deal
by Karl Bode 04:31PM Wednesday May 11 2011
As the revolving door continues to spin and the line between regulators and companies they're supposed to oversee evaporates, the Wall Street Journal today reports that Republican FCC Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker is poised to leave the FCC for a job at Comcast Corporation. "Ms. Baker is expected to announce her departure as soon as this week for an unknown position at the Philadelphia-based cable giant," notes the Journal. Baker, who joined the FCC just two years ago, leaves the FCC just four months after she voted yes on Comcast's $13.75 billion acquisition of NBC. Bakers term is up in June, though she was expected to be re-nominated for the seat.

Update: Comcast has confirmed the hire, and Baker will report directly to Kyle Mcslarrow at Comcast/NBC Universal. McSlarrow just made a lateral move from the cable industry's chief lobbying organization (the NCTA) to Comcast, and his position at the NCTA was filled by former FCC boss Michael Powell. Baker has issued a press statement saying she's leaving the FCC June 3, though she fails to mention the fact she's going to Comcast -- apparently in the hopes you won't notice this looks bad after her support of NBC/Comcast.

Update 2: For those wondering, one of our commenters notes that it's perfectly legal for Comcast to hire Baker so quickly from an agency that oversees them -- she just can't have lobbying contact with the highest level FCC officials for one year two years. Of course that still doesn't mean the move is ethical, or that there aren't questions to be asked about the level of contact between Comcast and Baker during the NBC review while Baker supposedly was employed in the public trust.

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San Francisco, CA

2 recommendations

reply to Duffman9

Re: How to clean up the USA

There is nothing communist or Pinko about providing for the voters. However, it is quite "antithetical to the American way" to allow large corporations and wealthy individuals to exploit our democratic system by circumventing our representation via bribes and corruption, and to allow banks to make the very money we have access to and thus cripple the financial power of our nation. Educate yourself and then come back to make an informed comment.
However, you are correct, this is America. You have every right to remain igorant and spew uninformed insults at the very individuals that wish to help you.

San Francisco, CA

2 recommendations

1. Remove the rights of personhood from corporations.
2. Nationalize banks. But first, limit amounts of money to be created by private banks. Print money and build some inflation: 25% to lower [real] personal debt, and help pay off debt with printed money.
3. Remove revolving door between Congress/Agencies and companies. 5 year minimum.
4. National health insurance - as a right. Start by nationalizing private largest insurance companies.
5. Adjust taxes for wealthy to pre-1980 rates.
6. Outlaw speculation on "necessary products" (fuel, food, water).
7. De-couple media distribution from content providers.
8. Breakup large corporations, particularly in communications/media.
9. Guarantee Net-neutrality.
10. Flat-progressive tax. 0% first $15K, 15% up to $100K 22%$ $100-250K, 40% $250K-1mil, 90% - $1mil+.
11. Reduce military spending by 30%.
12. Increase educational spending 2x.
13. Limit public salaries to 4x the lowest paid worker or $85K adjusted for inflation.
14. Decentralize energy creation. Solar on rooftops selling power back to grid. Windmills.
15. Require 80% of produce be sold within 200 miles of where it is grown.
16. Governmental desalination projects.
17. Tax breaks for children = $2k 1st, $500 2nd, $2K penalty for each additional. Encourage population reduction. Limit immigration and prepare for the new economy that does NOT run on growth and debt.
18. Choose a national language and limit tax-funded programs to it. Require working knowledge of the language for incoming legal residents and citizens.
19. Outlaw genetically-modified crops. Require organic farming / ranching. Outlaw factory farming.
20. Penalize offshoring of businesses.


Cleveland, OH

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reply to RiseAbove

Re: Every Politician can be bought.

Because there's so much misinformation from news media. You have Fox News and AM radio riling up the right over non existent issues like abortion and evil scientists, and for the "left" you have corporate controlled "liberal" outlets which ignore the corruption in the government.

Where the US population needs unity, the media serves to divide and conquer.

The shills on here like elray, openbox, and TK have no real effect on people's opinions. It's not like their "logic" ever makes sense. It's more an atmosphere of derision and emotional manipulation that confuses the less educated and easily scared.